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The company has achieved considerable success in China's semiconductor market. Its leading products such as bipolar power transistors, power MOSFETs, LED Drivers are very popular with domestic customers and have entered overseas market in large quantities.

Model Isolated PFC Integrated Transistor Pacakge Application Datasheet
SIC9653 Y   MOSFET,650V/0.8A SOP-8 5-7W  
SIC9654 Y   MOSFET,650V/1.2A SOP-8 7-9W  
SIC9654A Y   MOSFET,650/2.0A DIP-7 12-18W  
SIC9866 Y   MOSFET,700V/3.0A SOP-8,DIP-7 12-18W  
SIC9867 Y   MOSFET,700V/4.0A DIP-7 18-24W  
SIC9801 Y   MOSFET,BJT SOP-8 UP to 60W  
SIC9521 N   MOSFET,500V/0.5A TO-94 <5W  
SIC9522 N   MOSFET,500V/0.8A TO-94 9W  
SIC9552A N   MOSFET,500V/0.8A SOP-8 <9W  
SIC9553A N   MOSFET,500V/1A SOP-8,DIP-7 9-18W  
SIC9554A N   MOSFET,500V/2A SOP-8,DIP-7 Up to 36W  
SIC9555A N   MOSFET,500V/3.0A DIP-7 Up to 50W  
SIC9556A N   MOSFET,500V/4.0A DIP-7 Up to 75W  
SIC9732 N   MOSFET,600V/1.5A SOP-8 1-12W  
SIC9701 N   - SOT23-6 Up to 60W  
SIC9752 N   MOSFET,600V/1.5A SOP-8 1-12W  
SIC9753 N   MOSFET,600V/2.0A SOP-8,DIP-7 10-20W  
SIC9702 N   - SOT23-6 Up to 60W  
SIC9952 N   MOSFET,500V/0.8A SOP-8 <9W  
SIC9953B N   MOSFET,500V/1A SOP-8,DIP-7 9-18W  
SIC9954 N   MOSFET,500V/2A SOP-8,DIP-7 Up to 36W  
SIC9922L N/A          
SIC9923L N/A          
SIC9601 N/A   - SOT23-3,TO-92 1-9/5-30W  
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