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Linear HV LED Driver

Including intelligent LED lighting、triac dimming、APFC series、AC-DC series、ultra-high voltage linear and DC-DC low voltage constant current series etc., covering all the indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications,with product performance holding a leading position globally, Maxic is engaged in technical innovation, emphasizing IP protection with dozens of patents authorized and applied.

P/N Description Vin(V) Drive capacity PFC Dimming Package Datasheet
MT7603 Single-stage 90~132VAC 20W >0.9 N/A SOT23-6  
  External MOS 200~260VAC          
MT7604 Single-stage 90~132VAC 7W >0.9 N/A SOP8  
  Internal MOS 200~260VAC          
MT7605 Three-segmented 200~240VAC 9W >0.9 N/A ESOP8  
  internal MOS 100~130VAC          
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