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TRIAC Dimmable Linear LED Driver

MT7616 is a high current precision linear TRIAC dimmable LED driver. The output constant current is programmable by an external resistor. MT7616 integrates high voltage power MOSFET and JFET supply circuit, so that the peripheral circuit is simplified. It can easily pass EMI without inductor, transformer or other magnetic components, low BOM cost is achieved. The good line regulation keeps input power constant. MT7616 integrates thermal regulation function to balance the output power and system temperature. The output current will be reduced while the junction temperature goes higher than the threshold, system reliability is guaranteed. MT7616 supports TRIAC dimming application. It built-in twin combo linear paths, one of the path is the main current path to achieve LED constant current output, and the other one is the bleeder path, which provides the sustaining current for TRIAC. And the twin combo paths can also be used in parallel to increase the output current.

 Supports TRIAC dimming application
 Few external components, low BOM cost
 Good line regulation keeps input power constant
 Integrated with 500V power MOSFET
 LED current set by external resistor
 Constant current precision: ±5%
 Low EMI interference
 Embedded thermal regulation function
 Available in ESOP8 package

 LED candle, Filament lamp
 LED fluorescent, panel light
 LED Bulb, Projection lamp
 Other compact LED lightings
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