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Non-Isolated Buck Sections Switch Dimming LED Driver




Integrated Transistor









Up to 36W


General Description
The SIC9952(B)/9953(B)/9954(B) are high-precision buck four(4) or three(3) sections switch dimming drivers for 86Vac-265Vac universal input non-isolated buck constant current LED lighting Application. Operation in critical continuous mode, the power MOSFET switching loss is reduced and the inductor is fully utilized. Output current does not vary with the inductance and the LED voltage, excellent LED load regulation achieved.
The SIC9952/9953/9954 are four(4) sections dimming, the first switch on power output current 100%,the second switch output current then becomes 50%, and the third switch output current becomes 25%,the fourth switch then becomes 12.5%. The SIC9952B/9953B/9954B are three(3) sections dimming respectively 100%, 50%, 12.5%. If the power off time is more than 5 seconds, the system will be rest,and then the stage will go the first stage.
The SIC9952(B)/9953(B)/9954(B) integrates 500V power MOSFET. It doesn’t need the auxiliary winding for sensing and supplying the chip. With very few external components, the system cost and size are minimized.The SIC9952(B)/9953(B)/9954(B) with multiple protection features, including LED short/open circuit protection, CS resistor short circuit protection, Vcc under voltage protection,chip overheating regulation.
The SIC9952(B)/9953(B)/9954(B) are available in SOP-8/DIP-7 package.

· 4 or 3 sections switch dimming
· Integrated 500V power transistor
· No auxiliary winding
· Ultra-low operating current
· Universal Input Voltage
· LED open circuit protection
· LED short-circuit protection
· Current Sense resistor short circuit protection
· VCC Over-voltage and Under-voltage Protection
· Over Temperature Protection

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