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High Precision PSR APFC Isolated LED Driver




Integrated Transistor









UP to 60W


General Description
The SIC9801 is a high precision primary-side regulation isolated flyback controller with single-stage Active PFC, specially designed for offline constant current LED lighting. The controller with on-chip PFC circuit operates in CCM (Critical Conduction Mode) to achieve high power factor and reduce the power MOSFET switching loss. The controller precisely control the LED current without secondary side sense and feedback circuit including opto-coupler. It uses source driver architecture and pending internal charging circuit for low primary side switching loss, ultra fast VDD start up and LED turn on.
The SIC9801 uses compensation method to achieve excellent line regulation, and it still can be tuned externally
for flexibility.The controller also has outstanding load regulation for driving wide range of LED numbers.
The SIC9801 offers rich protection functions to improve the system reliability, including LED short circuit
protection, LED open circuit protection, VDD over voltage protection, VDD under voltage protection, ISEN
resistor short circuit protection, ISEN resistor open circuit protection, cycle-by-cycle current limit and die
over-temperature protection.All the protection features are auto-recovery.
The SIC9801 is available in SOP-8 package.

· Single-Stage Active PFC for High Power Factor and Low THD
. No Opto-Coupler Required
. Excellent Line and Load Regulation
. Gate Driver Structure for Improved Efficiency
. Ultra-Low Start up Current
. LED Short and Open Circuit Protection n
. Transformer Saturation Protection
. VDD Over-voltage and Under-voltage Protection
. Auto Recovery
. Primary Side Control Constant Current Operation
. ±3% LED Current Accuracy
. Critical Conduction Mode Operation
. High Resistance Feedback Resistor for Improved Efficiency
. Ultra-Low Operating Current
. ISEN Resistor Short and Open Circuit Protectio
. Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
. Over Temperature Protection

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