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High Precision Non-Isolated Buck LED Driver




Integrated Transistor









Up to 75W


General Description
The SIC9552A/9553A/9554A/9555A/9556A are high precision buck LED drivers. The chips are suitable for 85~265Vac universal input LED lighting applications.
The SIC9552A/9553A/9554A/9555A/9556A integrate high-precision sampling and compensation circuit, the constant current of circuit can achieve accuracy under ± 3%. It can also achieve the adaptive demand between both output inductor current and output voltage, so as to achieve good linear regulation and load regulation.
The SIC9552A/9553A/9554A/9555A/9556A integrate 500V power MOSFET. The simple peripheral structure of the system can be benefit from its precise and stable adaptive technology. It is able to work without secondary feedback circuitry or compensation circuitry. The SIC9552A/9553A/9554A/9555A/9556A can achieve precision constant current control under a small number of peripheral devices and loosen parameter conditions. Such features can greatly save both cost and size of the system. At the same time, it can ensure the consistency of parameters when making mass production of LED lighting devices.
The SIC9552A/9553A/9554A/9555A/9556A have extensive protection features, including LED open protection,LED short protection, current sampling resistor short protection, VDD under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection.

· Internal 500V Power MOSFET
· Ultra Low Operating Current
· No Auxiliary Winding
· ±3% LED Output Current Accuracy
· Inductor Current Critical Continuous Mode
· Excellent Line and Load Regulation
· Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
· LED Open Protection
· LED Short Protection
· Current Sampling Resistor Short Protection
· VDD Under-Voltage Protection
· Over Temperature Protection

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